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Predator 212cc Ghost Engine W/Ghost Accessory Kit

Predator 212cc Ghost Engine W/Ghost Accessory Kit

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Predator 212cc Ghost Engine. Don't want just a stock engine? Need a little more power? Try out the ghost engine to add even more character to your build.

  • Reinforced dual ball-bearing racing cylinder with cast iron sleeve
  • Squeeze cast, T-6 heat treated aluminum rod
  • Ground cam with built-in mechanical compression release, forged carbon steel racing crankshaft with induction hardened crankpin
  • High-silicon valve springs
  • High-flow racing intake port
  • Digital timing advance ignition system with built-in rev limiter at 6000 RPM
  • Round slide carburetor
  • Fire-ring head gasket
  • Racing piston ring package
  • Nitrited-dished exhaust valve


- (1) Predator 212cc Ghost Engine

- (1) Ghost accessory kit

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